Massage Therapy

What is Massage Therapy:

Massage is the stroking, kneading, warming, rolling and pressing of skin and muscles.
There are lots of different kinds of massage, each with broadly different origins and aims – some focus on soothing muscle pain; others on increasing energy levels; some aim to improve a specific physical condition; others simply to help you relax.
Massage makes you feel good in lots of ways, and can have a positive effect on your whole body – your bones, your muscles, your heart, your skin, your breathing, digestion, and your mental health.
Massage works in various ways:
It relaxes and refreshes tired or knotted muscles
It increases blood circulation
It stimulates deep circulation, both of blood and lymph which helps your body to heal, and generally work more efficiently
It encourages your body to produce endorphins – the natural chemicals in your body that make you feel happy
It’s instinctive to give someone a hug or a pat on the back to comfort or reassure them; in some ways, massage is a formal version of that instinct.

How it works:

Massage therapy relaxes muscle tissue, which reduces painful contractions and spasms. Massage can also reduce nerve compression. To understand this, consider that when muscles are contracted, they sometimes compress the nerves around them.

Swedish Massage | 30 mins | £20

Swedish Massage II | 1 hour | £38

Deep Tissue Massage | 30 mins | £20

Deep Tissue Massage II | 1 hour | £38

Hot Stone Massage | 30 mins | £20

Hot Stone Massage II | 1 hour | £38

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